Company Overview

HuaAn Fund Management Co., Ltd.(“HuaAn Funds”), founded in 1998 and headquartered in Shanghai, is one of the first five domestic fund management companies approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission (“CSRC”) and has launched 7 main fund products in the industry for the first time. According to the statistics of Haitong Securities Company Limited, by the end of 2019, HuaAn Funds was ranked third among 110 companies in the whole industry in terms of the absolute return on equity over the past two years. HuaAn Funds serves over 53 million individual clients and 30,300 institutional clients, having paid out over CNY 73 billion of dividends for investors.

All information and illustrative text used in the website are used for reference only, in case of any conflict between such contents and relevant announcements and fund legal documents, the relative announcements and fund legal documents should prevail. Investors should be aware that all investments involve risks and should make investment decisions with caution.

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